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1 July: Malta will accept UK and EU vaccine certificates

As of the 1 of July, Malta will indeed be accepting the EU’s Digital COVID-19 Certificate, as well as the UK’s green passport, announced the health ministry.

As it stands, Malta only recognises the local vaccine certificate. Last week, this caused a great deal of confusion, as Malta was added to the UK’s green travel list. The ministry announced that only the fully vaccinated could travel from the UK to Malta and yet, the UK’s vaccine certificates would not be recognised.

This has changed however as the ministry announced that as of Wednesday, those travelling from the UK to Malta would need to present a UK two-dose certificate before boarding.

In addition to the UK’s green passport, the Maltese Islands will also be accepting the EU’s digital COVID certificate.

My child is not vaccinated. What do I do?

Not to worry. If you’re travelling with the whole family and you have a child who is not vaccinated, they can still come on over to Malta to partake in your holiday. Children aged between five and 12 can travel to the Islands, if accompanied by their fully vaccinated parents or legal guardian, provided that they present a negative PCR test, which was carried out within 72 hours from their arrival in Malta. Children under the age of five do not need to take a PCR test.

I’m Maltese but don’t have a UK or EU vaccination certificate. What do i do?

This one is a little more complex however, there is a solution. For those who are Maltese residents or citizens and are not in possession of an accepted vaccination certificate, they must seek pre-authorisation from covid19.vetting@gov.mt. They will request a pre-departure PCR test, 14 days of quarantine and further PCR tests during the quarantine period.