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Information Sessions for Enrolment with the Institute of Tourism Studies

Ahead of the new scholastic year, ITS issues information session dates for prospective and current students.

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) has announced the dates of the information sessions regarding the various programmes of study. The sessions will be held between the 12th July and 16th July at the Institute of Tourism Studies campus in Luqa and Gozo, as well as online. More information about the information sessions can be found on social media and the ITS website. Registrations and applications for the scholastic year 2021-2022 are open until the 31st August for new applicants.

Since SEC results are likely to be published later in August, students who are still waiting for their results are urged to apply on a provisional basis using their Secondary School Certificate and Profile (SSC&P) issued by their secondary school leaving certificate in July.

Students interested in higher level programmes and the ITS Degree programmes, and are sitting for their A levels this year, may apply provisionally until Matriculation results, or equivalent, are published. Students applying for one of the ITS Degree programmes and who achieve between 36 and 43 points will be allowed to continue through the 1st year, subjected they obtain all the 60 ECTS credits in the programme of study by the September 2022 resit session.

Application forms and a copy of the prospectus may be viewed online at its.edu.mt. Further information can also be obtained by contacting the registrar office via e-mail on registrar@its.edu.mt or by calling +356 2379 3100/231/232.

For assistance with the application process and information about the courses, prospective applicants may contact the ITS Career Guidance Officer on +356 23793141 or guidance@its.edu.mt.