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Owen Luellen releases super summer hit

We have news! X-Factor runner up Owen Luellen has just released his summer hit called Runaway. Runaway is the third single from his debut album entitled Dreams and is a much more relaxed, chilled out version of the rapper’s usual fast flow.

The whole album is set to be released on the 15 July, with the artist expressing his sheer excitement about the single, as well as the album. The song revolves around the love Luellen has for party and being able to enjoy music together. After over a year and a half of not being able to attend parties and be in large groups of people, Luellen’s lyrics certainly strike a chord with audiences.

The rapper said that now the summer season has begun and parties are slowly but surely returning, the song will be the ultimate tune to accompany everyone to the dance floor.

Check out the song below:

The music video was directed by Steven Levi, the music produced by Matteo Depares and mastered by Howard Keith with Jagged House.