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Update: Only the vaccinated will be allowed into Malta

This just in: as of Wednesday 14 July, anyone arriving on the island must produce a recognised vaccination certificate. The certificate can either be from Malta, the UK or the European Union, announced Health minister Chris Fearne today.

With regards to children, who cannot or have not been vaccinated, if accompanied by their vaccinated parents, they must still present a recent negative PCR test, to be allowed to enter the country. Any unaccompanied children will not be allowed to enter.

What about the unvaccinated?

The restriction means that all other countries are being re-classified as red zones. As a result of this, travel to such countries will also be barred for unvaccinated Maltese residents. Any unvaccinated Maltese residents who are currently overseas will have no choice but to quarantine when they return to Malta, and must also alert the public health authorities by emailing covid19vetting@gov.mt, before returning.

With regards to any and all travellers or tourists wishing to visit the Islands, if they do not possess a Maltese, UK or EU vaccination certificate, they will not be permitted to enter the country.

Any other restrictions?

With regards to other restrictions, Fearne announced that all English language schools on the island will be shut down on the same day. In the last 10 days, Malta has seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. Cases have been detected at nine different English language schools across the country.

The majority of the new cases, said the health minister, were related to overseas travel, with almost all new infections occurring in those who have not been vaccinated. Despite the rapid rise, hospitalisation rates remain low, with just three of the current 252 COVID-19 positive people in hospital. Malta has the EU’s highest vaccination rate, with over 345,000 fully-vaccinated people, 79% of which are adults. Around 84% of adults living on the islands, have received their first vaccine dose.

What do you think of the new restrictions?