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Another week, another heatwave

It feels like just yesterday that the Maltese population finally breathed a sigh of relief, as we got through the last merciless heatwave that lasted over a week.

And just like that, we’ve found ourselves in the same situation again. This week, parts of southern Europe will be absolutely baking, at around 40-45°C as the most intense heatwave of the summer is on the way this week and unfortunately, Malta will not be spared.

The final days of the month, as well as the first few days of August are expected to reach temperatures of 40°C and above in some areas and the heatwave could last up to a week. According to weather analysts, parts of Italy and the Balkans will be roasted by an extreme and dry heatwave, with temperatures approaching the mid-40s during the hottest days. The drier-than-normal conditions will likely continue for the South, where it’s expected to get even worse.

Photo: Malta International Airport

In case you were banking on finding some sort of relief and refuge from the heat during the nights, we’re here to dash your dreams, once again. The night-time temperatures are set to vary between 26°C and 29°C throughout, which is not exactly the most pleasant.

By definition, a heatwave is a spell of three or more consecutive days with daytime highs, exceeding the mean maximum temperature for that particular time of year by 5°C or more. This particular heat wave will bring temperatures to more than 10°C the average!

Some may argue that heatwaves are expected at this time of year and sadly, they would be right. As expected during this time of year, the heatwave is caused by an extension of the Sahara desert high pressure system, across the central Mediterranean, dragging hot air from over North Africa.

Extremely hot weather will continue over Tunisia and Algeria, reaching whopping highs of 50°C and over on several days, highs that have already been registered this month. Sea surface temperatures will gradually rise to 29°C, as the heatwave progresses, which is around three degrees above average for this time of year.

With a UV index of 10, please be extremely careful and take all necessary precautions during the next few days.