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Malta ranked among the best european holiday islands

As if we didn’t already know, now it’s just a little but more official. The Maltese Islands have been ranked among the top 20 best holiday islands in the entire European continent, in a survey conducted by KAYAK, the world’s leading travel website.

Malta ranked 20th out of 70 islands in Europe, with Crete appearing at the very top of the list.

KAYAK said that the ranking was concluded following an intense analysis of 70 islands across Europe, based on seven categories, including weather, hotel-related prices, food, restaurants, flight accessibility and transportation. Also included in the survey, were the COVID-19 restrictions and measures and activities you can get up to whilst on holiday.

 The categories were gauged and determined along with many other factors, in order to determine just which islands offer tourists the greatest holistic experience, as well as those that are considered to be best suited to specific needs of travellers. This includes the best holidays for families and lone travellers, as well as value for money destinations.

Above all, said the company, the classification aims to facilitate the tourists’ process, when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. As European travel borders re-open, the search for flights to European islands has increased by 11%, when compared to 2019.