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Third time unlucky? Blistering hot week up ahead

The Maltese Islands are about to roast (again), in this summer’s third heatwave, in the run-up to the Santa Marija weekend, with temperatures expected to reach 40°C.

That being said, according to the Meteorological Office at the Malta International Airport, on certain days the temperature will feel as high as 41°C. The seven-day forecast shows that today’s highest temperature will hit 35 degrees, but will feel like 37, as the island is swept by a south-southwest wind. As of tomorrow, the mercury will rise to 38 degrees, but will feel like no less than 40, with a west-northwest wind. In case you were hoping to feel some sort of relief during the night, we’ll have you know that the lowest temperature will be 29 degrees.

The news for the rest of the week is just as dismal, with there being only slight reprieve on Friday, when the temperature is set to hit a maximum of 33 degrees, though it will feel like 36.

Throughout the week, the UV index is expected to reach levels of 10 and higher, which means that it is of utmost importance to take protective measures, especially when exposed to the sun.