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Feeling hot, hot, hot (again)

Summer 2021 has been characterised by a plethora of heatwaves and as we near the end of the season, it looks as though the heat is nowhere near to subsiding as of yet.

Starting today, temperatures are expected to start soaring again, feeling as hot as 40°C

 across the Maltese Islands. As many people headed out to work this morning, the increased humidity was immediately noted and it’s no wonder really, considering we’re expecting such temperatures, high levels of humidity and plenty of sunshine, at least according to the Malta Weather page.

According to the MET Office at the Malta International Airport, the actual temperature is 33°C, but Malta’s characteristically high levels of humidity will definitely make the heat feel that much more impenetrable.

With UV levels of at least eight over the next week, please take all the necessary precautions, especially when spending time out in the sun.