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Ten monuments and buildings in Malta to be restored

No less than 10 beautiful and historical buildings and monuments will be undergoing works after being selected as part of a restoration scheme, run by the National Heritage Ministry.


Here’s a list of all the buildings that are set to be restored in the €50,000 scheme:

Lion’s column in Valletta

This stone pilaster has a lion sitting above it, with its right paw raised and resting on the coat of arms of Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, who was Grand Master between 1722 and 1736. The lion’s head turns to the right and looks over the Grand Harbour.

Saint Publius Statue in Floriana

Sculpted by Vincenzo Dimech, Saint Publius Statue was completed in 1811 and is situated in the parish church of Floriana. Saint Publius was Malta’s first saint and also its first Bishop. According to tradition, he received St Paul when he was shipwrecked on the island, as recounted in the village of Iklin.

Round water tower in Ħamrun

The round tower is a water inspection site built on the hill of St Nicholas and was part of the impressive aqueduct connection built by the Knights of St John. The tower bears the Wignacourt coat of arms and a Latin inscription that translates to: “as there is life in water, life started from water.”

Għajn tal-Ħasselin in Msida

This multi-arched ‘loggia’ wash house is found on the left of Valley Road in Msida and was built hundreds of years ago with funds offered by the Knight Bailiff Fra Wolfgang Baron von Guttenberg in around 1705. It provided people with a place to use the channelled water to wash their clothes and food items.

Statue of our Lady in Balzan

This statue is one of the two works by sculptor Sigismondo Dimech found at the entrance of the vestibule of the parish church. The Bishop Vincenzo Labini had given special indulgences to those who prayed in front of these iconic statues.

Chapel of the birth of Mary in Lija  

This small church was built in 1659 and an old altar painting of the assumpion of Our Lady into Heaven by Zacharias Micallef dated 1624 lies in the sacristy of the chirch. In 1872, the chirch was used by Jesuit fathers who had arrived in Malta as refugees from their disbanded provinces.

Dejma Cross in Qormi

The tradition of the Dejma Cross, which can be found in many village and town centres, dates back to the Knights. It played an important role during the attacks of the Ottomans, as they were the spot where local militia would gather before intercepting the enemy.

Church parvis in Rabat

Chapel of Our Lady of Divine Grace in Marsa

Oratory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Mosta

According to Jose Herrera, National Heritage minister, the scheme opened to local government in October 2020 and while 15 local councils were shortlisted, just 10 were selected.

Since 2016, 29 monuments and buildings have been restored as part of a wider project. The preservation of heritage was particularly crucial because of its economic value. Herrera said that he hopes to extend resources in the future to be able to fund more works of this kind.