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Government COVID voucher scheme extended

Haven’t spent your government vouchers yet? Scrambling to book a last minute restaurant, a quick weekend break or the perfect place with a great deal? Well, you can out the phone down as the deadline to use the vouchers has been extended to the end of October.

The vouchers were due to expire on 15 September, but according to the economy minister Silvio Schembri, a quarter of them have not yet been utilised. In fact, so far, 74% of all vouchers have been used, with 26%, which is equivalent to around €12,000,000 worth of vouchers, still unused.

In total the voucher scheme is costing the Maltese government around €45,000,000. The vouchers were distributed to any and all Maltese residents, irrespective of nationality, so long as they are a resident of the Maltese islands. They were disseminated in order to encourage spending on retail goods and services, as well as hospitality, as part of the government’s attempt to kickstart the post-pandemic economy. Residents were given €100 worth of vouchers; €60 spend on hospitality and restaurants and the remaining €40 to spend on retail goods or services.

Just over 447,500 people received their second set of vouchers, though 29,500 have yet to even collect them. The minister was speaking at a press conference in Gozo, alongside Clint Camilleri, the Gozo minister, who said that it was a great summer for Gozitan tourism, with more than a million passenger trips to the island between the months of July and August.

Check out the press release below:

Have you used your vouchers yet?