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Added police presence on public transport

The Maltese Police Force and Malta Public Transport have signed a collaboration agreement, with the aim being to improve public safety and security on public transport, by means of increased police presence.

The agreement will allow for all police officers to travel for free on all route buses, simply by using their Tallinja Card.

“Through this initiative, we are not only facilitating an increase of police presence on our buses, but also offering incentives that strengthen the use of public transport as an environmentally-friendly means of travel,” said Konrad Pule, the general manager of Malta Public Transport.

Police commissioner Angelo Gafa went on to explain that such collaborations not only help bus passengers directly, but also the community at large by reducing traffic congestion. In this way, the environmental impact is reduced, thus creating an altogether healthier, cleaner, more efficient and less polluted environment.

“This formal collaboration is the first of its kind and will continue to strengthen the excellent relationship with the aim of improving our service to the public,” added Angelo Gafa. After all, with focused police presence and surveillance in areas with heavy bus usage, enforcement and crime prevention will indeed be improved, while also increasing the level of safety for both passengers, as well as employees. The strategic collaboration also includes a commitment to raise awareness about road safety, through collaborative awareness campaigns between the Malta Police Force and Malta Public Transport.

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