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11 new urban greening projects launched

No less than 11 localities will be benefitting from a €300,000 investment, for urban greening projects, to counteract the ugly effects of urbanisation.

Environment minister Aaron Farrugia announced the projects, which are in partnership with local councils and Ambjent Malta, yesterday. They’ll be featuring the planting of trees and shrubs, as well as infrastructure work such as pavements and benches, to improve green spaces within the localities.

“These projects are giving back green open spaces to the community, which will serve as a place where people can enjoy their families and improve quality of life,” said the minister. He added that young families should not need to go to Chadwick Lakes or Ta’ Qali just to enjoy open, green spaces, but they should have spaces like that within their own locality.

“Apart from this, more green spaces will help communities in combatting the impact of climate change, since they reduce ambient temperature and reduce the urban heat effect, as trees cover and vegetation cool the area,” he went on.

What do the projects involve?


The council will be upgrading two areas, Pjazza San Ġorġ Preca and ix-Xatt ta’ San Ġorġ. At the Pjazza San Ġorġ Preca, a new irrigation system will be added, including a rain and moisture sensor. More trees will be planted. At Xatt San Ġorġ, the paving area will be enlarged to accommodate new tamarisk trees to give more shade for the new benches.


The Għajnsielem Local Council is upgrading the large, open space in the Tal-Kaxxa area, called Pjazza Tolfa. The place is set to be enlarged by around 40% and will get a fresh, new look, with a green canopy, 15 trees and more than 200 shrubs. New benches, a low-light pollution system and pavement will also be incorporated. The overall cost will be funded by the Development Planning Fund (DPF) and the AmbjentMalta Urban Greening Scheme.


The Ħamrun Local Council will be giving a greener look to two squares, Pjazza San Pawl and Pjazza Kappillan Muscat, with a series of planters that complement the area, intending to give a greener and more aesthetically pleasing look in the two busy squares.


As part of the regeneration of Munxar Square project, the council has applied to enhance the area with several planters that will include small trees and flowers to give a greener look to the new square.


Qala Local Council will be upgrading the area corner with Triq is-Salib with better traffic management and replacing part of the road where the stone cross is situated into a green area. The aim is to increase pedestrian area, add soft areas whilst creating a better traffic flow, especially towards the popular Ħondoq ir-Rummien bay.

San Lawrenz

The San Lawrenz Local council will give a new and greener look to several side streets leading to the main square. The aim is to create a more pleasing environment with a number of planters in the old streets while giving a greener element to the village centre. 

Santa Luċija

In this locality, the council will be enhancing two area, including Triq Begonja and Triq Ineż Soler, behind the main square. Both areas will offer more recreational space for the residents with a bunch more trees, shrubs, benches and lights.


In Bisazza street, the Sliema Local Council will be enhancing the areas with new trees that are more suitable for the urban surrounding area and maintenance of existing planters and shrubs.

St Julian’s

The BM-150 scheme will be co-financing part of the project of Ġnien Saver Zarb, which the St Julian Local Council will be embellishing by means of the Development Planning Fund (DPF). The project will include an overall upgrade of the paving areas, irrigation system, furniture, trees and shrubs.


The Ġnien tal-Belvedere, situated just outside the Great Siege Bell will be cleaned and upgraded to be enjoyed by the public and tourists alike. The area offers one of the most beautiful views of the harbour and will include trees, shrubs, new benches and view scopes.


The Birgu Local Council aims to give a better and greener look to the two belvederes overlooking the harbour while making it more accessible to the whole community. The area will be rehabilitated following the structural upgrade of the lower garages, thus allowing the council to regenerate the area with new benches, lights, bins and planters.

What do you think of the projects?