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More restrictions eased: larger tables, more events

More restrictions eased: larger tables, more events

More COVID-19 restrictions will be eased as of next week, according to health minister Chris Fearne. With a low number of cases and one of the most successful vaccination rollouts in the world, it seems all the more logical that Malta would be slowly but surely aiming for pre-virus normality.

“The COVID-19 situation is under control, as currently we have 11 people receiving treatment for the virus in hospital, and one person in ITU. With this in mind, the country is in a position to further reduce restrictions,” said Chris Fearne during a press conference. He added that as it stands, there are no virus clusters in schools.

Which restrictions are being lifted?

  • The following change will come into effect as of Monday, 18 of October 2021

  • The maximum number of people at event tables can be increased from six to eight

  • Seated events can increase their maximum capacity to 300 people

  • Tables are allowed to be placed at one metre apart if outdoors and 1.5 metres apart if indoors

  • Rules related to mass events are also applicable to weddings that restrict entry to fully vaccinated attendees

  • Children under the age of 12 will no longer need a negative test to attend events

  • Criteria for travel rules will be changed, which should lad to eased restrictions for some South American countries. However, there will be some increased restrictions for some Eastern European countries

  • Malta will start recognising vaccine certifications from Armenia, Iraq, Moldova and South Korea

  • Buses and ferries will be allowed to operate at 80% capacity. They are currently operating at 65%

Fearne said that results from a special mass event used as a pilot project to test the waters, will be out by the end of the week. “We could then take decisions for Christmas based on these results.” The event was organised in collaboration with the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association, which saw 300 vaccinated people with no masks or social distancing in place attend the 8 October event.

What do you think of the relaxed restrictions?