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The masks are back as of this weekend

The masks are back as of this weekend

As you may have heard, mandatory mask-wearing in open public spaces is back as of this Saturday, announced health minister Chris Fearne.

According to the minister, wearing masks and getting the booster shot of the vaccine are the most effective way to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Where do I have to wear a mask?

To avoid any confusion, let’s get this straight. As of Saturday 11 December, the mask-wearing measure is applicable to all public spaces, whether indoor and outdoor, whether completely alone or with others and at workplaces and businesses. The only place masks can be removed are when sitting at table in restaurants and within private residences.

Let’s talk booster shots

The health minister also announced that Malta is reducing the time span between the second and third, booster shot dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to four months, as opposed to six.

“We have been seeing cases of reduced immunity and breakthrough infections,” he said. That being said, the booster shots being used in Malta are of Pfizer and Moderna, both of which have shown to be very effective to contain the new Omicron variant. At the time of writing, no cases of Omicron have been found on the islands yet although, said Fearne, it is inevitable that it will reach Malta eventually, as it is currently spreading at a fast pace throughout Europe.

All those aged over 50, who have received their second dose four months ago, can now register for their booster shot.

What do you think of the measure? Do you agree?