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An outdoor gallery on a busy intersection

An outdoor gallery on a busy intersection

A brand new outdoor exhibition has been unveiled on the Marsa-Ħamrun bypass. The gallery is exhibiting photos that have been inspired by a poem written by former president Anton Buttigieg.

The former president is one of the most notable figures in Maltese 20th century literature and his poem, Il-Ħolma t’Alla, which translates to God’s Dream, allows readers to appreciate and respect our planet as a stunning work of art.

The gallery, which is a collaboration between MCAST and Infrastructure Malta, features a series of photos, taken by photography student Nathan Camilleri, inspired by the former president’s poem.

photographer Nathan Camilleri

Photo: Infrastructure Malta

The photographer described his photos as a way that “exposes our local environment as a tool to build a dialogue between literature, artistic interpretation and the viewer.” “The congenital artistic creation reflects itself in our local landscape, which is an integral part of a collective effort to protect our earth, which is here represented by the image of a young girl,” he said.

Il-Ħolma t’Alla gallery was set up on the bypass, linking the road’s southbound carriageway and it’s intended to serve as a gallery and exhibition space for MCAST students, who can display their works to thousands of people who travel through the road on a daily basis.

The three lecturers who planned and directed the whole thing, Carmen Aquilina, Darren Tanti and Pierre Mifsud, used the collaboration to study community and public art as a pedagogical tool. Thus, they are encouraging the public to observe and appreciate artistic creations. They even compiled a tool kit, in order to help guide educators and educational administrators engaged in similar public art projects.

Want to get your hands on a copy of the kit? Call the Institute on 2398 7753.