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Spazju Kreattiv launches third edition of ŻiguŻajg Season

Spazju Kreattiv launches third edition of ŻiguŻajg Season

After the success of ŻiguŻajg Festival 2021, Spazju Kreattiv launches its third edition of ŻiguŻajg Season 2021/2022 of events for children and young people, organised throughout this year.

This edition of ŻiguŻajg Season brings together all forms of creative arts including music, film, theatre, digital animation, dance and storytelling – 15 different projects in total, engaging over 40 artists.

Rupert Cefai, chairperson of Fondazzjoni Kreattività, spoke about the Fondazzjoni’s role and the importance of ŻiguŻajg in the local cultural sphere.

“One way we like to look at the Fondazzjoni is that of a parent and our projects as ‘children’ born from our love and commitment to the sector; one of these children being ŻiguŻajg, which grew up to become the mainstay in the local community, a pillar in high-quality productions targeting families and young audiences,” he said.

Cefai stated that after a successful run of a two-week festival that continues to spread in its reach, it’s, without a doubt, a necessity to foster enthusiasm and creativity throughout the season.

Spazju Kreattiv’s artistic director, Daniel Azzopardi, outlined that ŻiguŻajg is meant for families, to be enjoyed in company. “It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of ŻiguŻajg Season for its third consecutive year. ŻiguŻajg Season, produced as part of the Spazju Kreattiv programme, was conceived with a principal goal in mind: to present quality-driven creative initiatives targeting children and young people all year round.

“And this season, no matter the adversities, I am proud to say that the team at ŻiguŻajg has continued to consolidate this aim, improving by creating another strong programme of live events by local and international creatives for children and their families to enjoy.”

ŻiguŻajg Season will follow suit in creating a programme that is inclusive, celebrates diversity, promotes professionalism, and engages with subjects that are pertinent and topical.

With ŻiguŻajg Festival being recently awarded the title of ‘Autism Friendly Space’, sensory-friendly performances will also be trialled for ŻiguŻajg Season in order to instil the notion that holistically ŻiguŻajg is for everyone while engaging with different communities and by promoting inclusivity within the artistic community.