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Celebrating Amazonia with online deliveries

Amazonia, a global health company, is launching their Tender Jack range and making their delectable health products available for delivery on Wolt

Locally owned and managed by Isabella Rae Banda, Amazonia was initially founded in Australia in 2008 and brought over to the island 10 years later. Isabelle started out as brand manager of the company and worked her way up to CEO in 2021.

What is Amazonia?

Isabella Rae Banda

Amazonia is a global health empire that boasts a wide range of certified organic plant proteins, wholefood supplements, sustainably sourced marine collagen and plan-based food products. Not to mention that the company is the leading seller of frozen acai berries to cafes, beach clubs, health stores and supermarkets around Malta, with the main aim of re-defining what ‘health’ means and implies for the general public.

Safe to say that all their products are 100% certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and refined sugar-free, with no hidden sugars or preservatives.

New products alert

In order to celebrate such an achievement, Amazonia is releasing a brand new product range, called Tender Jack. The delicious alternative to meat is made with certified organic young jackfruit and is the ultimate plant-based meat alternative for tacos, burgers, pizzas, buddha bowls and bao buns.

With its tender, meaty texture and subtle taste, Amazonia Tender Jack is versatile and available in a variety of flavours to suit all your favourite savoury dishes, such as Pulled Smokey BBQ and the original, which is a perfect stand-in for chicken or tuna, or even to add to your own home-made marinade.

Amazonia has more than 70 products under its holistic wellness portfolio, including frozen superfoods, raw proteins and supplements, as well antioxidant superhero, the açaí berry, and the nutrient dense pitaya frozen superfoods range.

Looking to make an order? Check out Amazonia on Wolt here, and don’t forget to use the special promo code above!