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take me home: February 2021

take me home: February 2021

We’re sad to see you go but to make your departure a little bit sweeter, we’ve compiled a list of all things Maltese, which you should definitely make space in your luggage for.

Visit Il-Local at their shop on 15, Triq it-Teatru Antik, Valletta or shop online on il-lokal.com

Ceramic Dinner set

Maltese ceramicist, Tiz, produces wheel-thrown ceramic tableware, perfect for your home. The pieces are varied and include one-off creations as well as dinner sets with a focus on contemporary forms, by Ceramics by Tiz

recipe book

With space for 100 of your favourite recipes, this unique recipe book, featuring the famous Maltese tile design, will help you stay organised. Thanks to its spiral binding, it’s super easy to use whilst you’re cooking up something delicious, by Maduma

olive oil

The ‘Bidni’ olive variety, which also lends its name to their resulting olive oil, is found only on the Maltese islands. The Bidni fruit is small in size, hearty with a violet colour, renowned for its superior oil, by Bidni

local jams

This Maltese company produces delectable home-made jams, chutneys and preserves, made exclusively from locally-grown and produced fruit and vegetables. Their top sellers are the ever-intriguing apple and wine jam, strawberry and mint jam and loquat and curry chutney. Get your hands on a jar (or two) today, by With Love From Our Kitchen

hot sauces

Presenting: local artisinal Maltese and Gozitan sauces, produced and developed by means of the process of fermentation. These super sauces are produced with home-made and unique flavour profiles, perfect for those looking to add some extra heat and Maltese passion into their dishes, by Ferment Island

pastizz cushion

Spent time in Malta and couldn’t get enough of our all-time favourite pastizzi? This artist is making life easier and giving all of us the opportunity to bring the legendary Maltese snack into our homes. This cushion, as well as the ħobża version makes for a great gift, both for foodies and fast-food lovers alike, as well as anyone who loves Maltese snacks, by Screengirl

Maltese coffee

The unique recipe of select raw beans and spices celebrates Maltese folklore and revives a taste, which was once so prevalent in the past. This aromatic, strong coffee, infused with roasted chicory, aniseed and cloves is certainly one that will forever be imprinted in your mind and on your tastebuds, leaving you wanting more and never settling for less, by Chocolate District

hand-printed boards

The Maltese-born artist behind these unique, hand-made wooden boards creates each and every piece with passion, as each board, utensil and board are made to order, ensuring the highest-quality product possible. Mia Anastasi Sammut shares a strong connection of family through her art, which you can find on Bonnymia

Maltese doors apron

This artist’s famous Maltese tile-inspired collection has expanded to include this one-of-a-kind apron. This 100% cotton apron complements the mug, coasters and place mats, all of which form the Malta Doors Collection, by Stephanie Borg

local chocolate

Sunday in Scotland offers handmade chocolate using the finest cocoa beans available. There is no mass production, no corporate push and no desire to rush after the latest trend. Rather, the focus is on quality, essence and absolute perfection. With its artistic packaging, exquisite flavours and ruthless pursuit of perfection, Sunday in Scotland will forever change the way you savour chocolate