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A new creative hub set to open its doors in Valletta

A new creative hub set to open its doors in Valletta


founder of il-lokal

A platform promoting local creatives has launched a crowdfunding campaign to
provide better space for the Maltese design scene to flourish

Il-lokal, a platform associating over 70 Maltese and Malta-based artists, designers and makers has just announced that in the coming weeks it will be moving its retail shop to The Old Bakery Street in Valletta. il-lokal’s goal is to open a new workshop space and a larger gift shop to put more locally designed creative products in the spotlight. Now anyone who finds value in the local creative scene can be part of this project and support it through crowdfunding.

Il-lokal’s founder, Karolina said, “Our current shop is small and it got packed very quickly. On the positive side, it’s a sign of how much good work is being made locally, but in reality, we had to stop accepting new artists and products. It’s quite heartbreaking as il-lokal’s mission is to get people together and inspire creativity. It became a challenge to grow as a community within a space that doesn’t allow us to properly sit down and exchange ideas.”

https://il-lokal.com/For il-lokal the relocation means almost triple the display space including new sections to the shop with products that are currently still under the radar and above all – it means a comfortable environment for the creative community to meet, exchange ideas and share skills with others during workshops.

Even though the space is in a good condition it needs a lot of work and capital to become what it can be. For the starters, currently, it doesn’t have an entrance from the street… The collective needs to rework the electricity, buy electronic equipment and additional furniture.

“With il-lokal, the majority of proceeds from sales are going back to the creators, so it’s challenging to finance the alternations to the new space on our own. This is why we’ve decided to try and gather part of the funds through crowdfunding. It’s a fair and people-oriented concept where backers are being rewarded for pledges, so no one is left empty-handed. We hope that there’s a lot of people who believe in this project and want to see it flourishing, but the truth is, we can’t do it without their help”, Karolina explains.

Il-lokal works with some of the coolest products in Malta and they’re showing it through the rewards too! From prints and PVC banner pouches to store vouchers – there’s a reward for every contribution, no matter the amount!

If you feel that the creative community in Malta deserves a better space and you are in the position to back them up, consider contributing now.

The crowdfunding campaign is running on Zaar, a Maltese crowdfunding platform until the 3rd of April.