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Top 7 Best Beaches in The North of Malta

Top 7 Best Beaches in The North of Malta

Malta is a paradise for sun-worshipping beach lovers. In addition to more than 300 days of sunshine, Malta and Gozo feature gorgeous and diverse coastlines. Situated in the north of the island? Here are seven of the best beaches that can be found along the northern shoreline

Paradise Bay

Paradise bay could possibly be the most attractive beach in Malta. The beach is small but its set in a natural cove surrounded by a rugged landscape which gives it a relaxed and roomy feeling. The blue-green water also homes excellent snorkelling spots but if you prefer just swimming, the water is safely guarded by jellyfish nets protecting visitors from any disturbances.

Mellieħa Bay

Also known at Għadira Bay, Mellieħa is the largest and by far the most popular of the lot. Located just off the town of Mellieħa, the bay is split into three beaches divided by short rocky sections and one can choose to stay on the calmer or more lively side. Mellieħa is in fact the most family friendly beach as well, with ankle deep water for about 50 metres and various family activities like canoeing, paddle boats, and even a blow-up water platform where children can be occupied for hours. The bay is fitted with various restaurants and bars to give all visitors access to food and drink especially during the crowded summer months.

Fomm Ir-Riħ Bay

If you’re looking for a quieter and more isolated bay fitted with beautiful snorkeling and diving spots, Fomm ir-Riħ is for you. The pebbly beach surrounded by a rocky Maltese countryside offers fantastic views of cliffs, and the deep blue Mediterranean Sea offers a sense of peace and tranquillity… Definitely worth the 20 minute tricky and sometimes steep pathway down!

coast of st paul's bay

Ta' Fra Ben

St. Paul’s Bay started out as a small fishing village. Along its coastline one can find numerous rocky beaches with wonderful open sea views. Moreover, from the main bay, swimmers have a fantastic view of St. Paul’s Islands where, according to legend, the ship carrying the Apostle is said to have been wrecked. Inner harbour areas are less attractive but are still popular to locals and some tourists, the most popular being Qawra point (Ta Fra Ben).

Anchor Bay Beach

Anchor bay is a charming inlet most popular for its diving spots and the iconic film set of Popeye, which is open for visitors as a theme park and activity centre. Anchor bay is quite secluded and is not extremely popular for swimming due to the bay’s rough nature, but can be considered a hidden gem due to the beautiful diving spots, large caved and extensive marine life. The scorpion cave that can be found in the bay offers magnificent marine life such as morays, scorpion fish and groupers.

Armier bay

Situated in the green area known as L-Aħrax, Armier bay consists of two beaches and has crystal blue water that resembles the blue lagoon not far away. Although Armier can get very busy during the weekends and summer months, is it still accessible at quieter times since there aren’t hotels nearby. Armier also has great surrounding countryside for a pleasant walk.

Cirkewwa To Aħrax Point

From Cirkewwa to Aħrax point, you’ll encounter several pretty spots where you can dive, snorkel or just enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Located on the limits of Mellieħa, this area boasts plenty of places where one can swim, sunbathe or dive. The sea stretch offers plenty of rocky beaches as well.