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Leading the way in sustainable tourism

Leading the way in sustainable tourism

EcoMarine Malta’s boat tours are leading the way in environmentally sustainable tourism around the Maltese Islands. Founder Patrizia Patti recounts the path that led her to work as a marine biologist and eventually set up her own company in Malta

I‘ve always loved dolphins and whales and soon after visiting a dolphinarium, I decided to become a marine biologist when I was 17 years old.

This was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life; seeing bottlenose dolphins trapped in a bathtub forcefully putting on a show was both depressing and enlightening. That day, I decided I would do something for the conservation of dolphins and whales. I studied marine biology, wrote my thesis on the sperm whale, worked in the field, and travelled worldwide.

In Italy, I co-founded Costa Balenae, with Barbari Nani, a company dedicated to sustainable whale watching and environmental education in Italy. When I moved to Malta, I founded EcoMarine Malta with the aim to develop the first sustainable marine life watching company on the island.

The company,  based on sustainable tourism, offers Marine Life Spotting Experiences through sustainable and educational boat excursions. The aim is to educate participants with an expert marine biologist onboard. We also conduct scientific research to increase awareness, protect and conserve the dolphins living in Maltese waters.

We enable visitors to connect with the sea surrounding the Maltese Islands on a fully – equipped sailing boat with up to 12 people on board. Children and adults will have the opportunity to encounter dolphins, turtles and seabirds in their natural habitat, guided by an expert marine biologist. Moreover, we follow an International Code of Conduct to protect the animals. The experiences include swimming stops in stunning bays, where participants can relax and enjoy typical Maltese nibbles together.

We like to define the experience we provide as “Slow tours”, with no predefined stops and no rush to return. When the wind allows it, we also add a nice sail to the relaxed agenda.

We can offer several options, including marine life spotting experiences for even more than one day, a sunset aperitivo tour, as well as sailing alongside the colourful scenery of the Maltese cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

We will let you discover the beauty of the Southern coast by sailing around the island of Filfla too.

In collaboration with Global Mindset Development, we also offer unique team building activities for companies to promote diversity and develop a global mindset through cross-cultural understanding. It represents a new way of enhancing communication, productivity and a sense of belonging. A day package can make an excellent gift for your team, as it is educational, fun, binding and extremely relaxing too.

Join us on board, wear your (organic) sunblock, hat and a smile… we’ll handle the rest!

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