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National Taco Day: 5 Places to Grab Some of the Best Tacos

National Taco Day: 5 Places to Grab Some of the Best Tacos

Mexican food has become incredibly popular in Malta in recent years, with tacos earning more than their fair share of the buzz… because let’s face it, there’s something extremely special about them. Here are our top five eateries whipping out some of the best tacos on the island 

Novi Burger

Novi is best known as a brilliant burger spot on the Gzira seafront. Far more than just a burger shop, this is one of those places that does everything brilliantly. Including tacos. They make some serious tacos that make it to the top of our list. Any of the seven different fillings they offer is loaded onto the softest tortillas for a taco experience like no other.

Hammett’s mestizo

Hammett’s Mestizo is a vibrant Meso-South American inspired fusion social dining and drinking experience, with culinary influences expanding from Central America to the Caribbean and from the Andes to Amazon and Patagonia. The crispy corn tortillas for tacos here are made from scratch and hold everything together perfectly. They even celebrate taco Tuesdays with the option of a taco sharing platter. Taco fillings vary each week.


Avotaco is the go-to eatery for a taste of fast-casual Mexican cuisine. They make their tacos with beef, pork, chicken, veg and even cater for vegans. You’ll find Avotaco at three locations around the island.


Doner kebab… but as a taco? Halo in St Julian’s puts a Mexican twist on flavourful Turkish street food by offering doner kebabs as tacos. Get the best of both worlds and give this one a try!


Amigos offers some of the best pizza, but they also make some mean generous tacos. They offer twelve options, but our personal favourite has got to be the drool-worthy classic chicken supreme. You even have the option of doubling up to the grande!