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Top Tips for Experiencing a Memorable Diving Holiday in Gozo

Top Tips for Experiencing a Memorable Diving Holiday in Gozo

Gozo’s appeal as a holiday destination has many facets. Diving is one of them and it is an area that opens up the realm of aquatic underwater adventures that leads to the discovery of treasures of the deep. Everybody can enjoy snorkelling, but if you’re after more magic, you need to consider scuba diving in Gozo.

What’s more is that with the sea temperature never dropping below 14ºC, diving in Gozo is possible almost all year round. Indeed, diving is particularly popular in autumn.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your scuba diving holiday in Gozo: 

1. Gozo’s a top diving destination island. Despite the small size and its literal invisibility on a geographical world map, Gozo is a colossus when it comes to diving opportunities. Yet a bigger plus point of choosing Gozo as your diving destination is that Gozo offers so much more – culture, adventure, history and arts. There is a lot to do when you are not diving. Similarly, if your family or friends are not into diving, they can still enjoy a holiday in Gozo as you pursue the underwater world of the many diving sites in Malta and Gozo.

2. If you’re planning your first diving trip to Malta, your first question might be where is it best to stay for a diving holiday. In Gozo, the sea is never far away but you’ll find most of the diving schools, dive shops and dive centres located close to the bays in places like Xlendi and Marsalforn. Naturally, if you choose to stay in a seaside village, the sea will be at your doorstep and you’ll need no extra transport to join the diving expeditions organized by the dive centres in Gozo. Another bonus is that you’ll be close to the seaside restaurants, which are the perfect spot where to end the day.

3. Gozo is home to many certified and professional diving clubs and schools. If you’re already a diver, it is vital that you have the appropriate scuba diving certification, papers and insurance in place. A quick check with local dive centres will surely provide the answers. Don’t fret if you’re new to diving! Dive centres in Gozo can handle anything from lodging, airport transfers and transport, to diving lessons for different ages, professional diving instructors, along with all sorts of diving equipment needed for your scuba diving adventures. Gozo’s a great place to learn to scuba dive. The dive schools and centres are well geared in this field and also provide professional diving courses that lead to scuba diving certification. 

4. Diving requires a certain level of fitness. If you’re new to diving, make sure that you’re watching your fitness levels and if you have any medical condition, it is advisable to bring it up before booking your dive stints to avoid disappointment. 

5. Check out the variety of dive sites that Gozo offers. Each dive site has its characteristics. Think about what’s your favourite type of scuba diving adventure. Maybe you enjoy cavern diving or wreck diving or deep-sea diving. In Gozo, you’ll find a variety of dive sites that have different kinds of appeal. From venturing into the abyss at places like Reqqa Point, to cave diving at Billinghurst Cave, diving the wrecks off the coast of Ix-Xatt l-Aħmar, and diving into the mesmerising ethereal light of the Comino waters, there are different kinds of adventures to be enjoyed and a myriad of creatures to encounter. For example, Mġarr ix-Xini is the place to mark for a chance encounter with a seahorse and beneath the surface of Dwejra, you might catch sight of the mysterious pyrosomoes colonies. If you‘re after more mystery, book a night dive.

6. The Azure Window might be gone, but diving the Blue Hole which is located next to where the Azure Window once stood, is like the holy grail for keen divers. Once labelled by Jacques Yves Cousteau as Europe’s top diving site, the Blue Hole in Dwejra, is a spectacular dive.  

7. If you’re keen on memories and photography you’ll need an underwater camera as you discover Gozo’s diving sites and underwater paradise. If you’re bringing your own camera, make sure that you have tested it at home but do note that dive centres and dive shops have photographic equipment for hire.    

There’s no doubt among the international diving community that scuba diving in Gozo is a fantastic experience. The visibility is amazing and the variety of dive sites, ensure that a diving holiday in Gozo will be truly rewarding. Both the novice and the seasoned diver will be leaving the island not only with fascinating memories of blue but most likely with the intention of a repeat holiday.