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WATCH: The Voice Kids – Episode 1 Complete Recap

WATCH: The Voice Kids - Episode 1 Complete Recap

Tears. Laughter. Disappointment. And most importantly, Chair Turns. The first season of the Voice Kids premiered last Friday, and OhMyMalta is here to wrap it up nicely for those who could not watch it. We’re guessing you, the reader, are one of them. So, sit down, grab a cup of coffee (or any refreshment of your choosing) and buckle up for a few minutes of recaps and dry humour.

The first episode of the blind auditions was kicked off with the coaches performing ‘Forever Young’. Destiny opened the show with Gianluca joining in just a few verses after. Local rapper and judge Owen Luellen chimed in with his classic quick-paced self-written rap following the first chorus of the song. A good preamble, albeit the rather zany song choice. Following the performance, some light-hearted banter was evident between the three judges, showcasing a sense of amicability between the three, rather than trying to outperform one another out of bravado.

1. Eliza

First up was fourteen-year-old Eliza. The Gozitan teen and her family expressed her love for music and singing throughout the first clip. Eliza attempted to entice the judges to turn their chairs with her rendition of Michael Bublé ‘s ‘Feeling Good’. As soon as Eliza hit the first verse, the three judges pressed their buzzer. The performance just kept getting better and better. Her raspy voice came through, with a sprinkle of confidence that jumped the judges out of their seat in non-stop applause and cheering.  After some quarrel between the judges to persuade Eliza, in the end, Eliza put her faith in the hands of Destiny. Could we have an up-and-coming ‘Michela’ 2.0 with Eliza?

2. Francesca

Francesca was up next. The bubbly eight-year-old confessed that this song has a special place in her heart since she tried to make it through the Matilda Musical to no avail. Francesca wanted to give it another go with her rendition of ‘Naughty’. Francesca enchanted both Destiny and Gianluca with her charisma and sweet voice. They both mentioned that while her voice is not fully developed, they can gradually evolve her into a young artist. Francesca said Je Me Casse to Destiny as she went on to select Gianluca as her coach.

3. Zia

The energetic and adventurous Zia was next to hit the stage. The twelve-year-old was accompanied by her parents and younger sibling. Performing James Arthur’s ‘Can I Be Him’, Zia captured the attention of Gianluca and Luellen. Luellen was impressed with Zia’s tone and style, noting down that he will work on control if she decides to pick him as her coach. This encouraged Zia to select Owen as her coach for the season.

4. Lenah

The eight-year-old from Kirkop was described as hard-working and ambitious by her mother. Her grandfather expressed his love for his granddaughter’s ambitions, claiming to be her number one fan. Lenah went on to perform Lady Gaga’s massive banger ‘Shallow’. All three judges were so close to pressing the button, but they refrained from doing so due to her lack of vocal composure in the beginning. One must commend Lenah for her positive outlook as she was receiving the constructive criticism the judges were dishing out.

5. luigi

The twelve-year-old Italian youngster confessed that his love for music sprouted from an early age, and he was ready to try his outmost to get at least one judge to turn. The young singer performed Måneskin’s ‘Torna a Casa’, convincing both Luellen and Gianluca to turn their chairs. In the end, Luellen stood no chance against Gianluca and his coherent Italian.

6. keira

Vibrant Keira was next up. Kyle teased his older sister, proclaiming that she does not shut up, having to cut her off himself. Keira tried her luck with the iconic ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse and the Zutons. The timid youngster impressed at the Manoel theatre, persuading Gianluca and Luellen to turn their chairs. Destiny confessed that her reason for not turning was that she was expecting Keira to go even further with her vocals. Keira went on to select Gianluca as her coach.

7. amber

The tight bond between a mother and a daughter is finely displayed with Amber and her mother. Both sharing the love for music, Amber’s mother had high hopes for her aspiring daughter. Freya Ridings’s ‘Lost Without You’ was Amber’s song choice, and it was proven to be too much for her to handle. Visibly destressed, her mother was anxiously waiting for the coaches’ comments. All three judges underlined Amber’s shakiness and nervousness. Nonetheless, they encouraged her not to give up and try another time!

8. marcus

The twelve-year old boy from Zejtun expressed his love for music and the admiration for his father. His mother Lara also noted her son’s keen attitude towards cooking. His rendition of Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Forever’ with his guitar earned him a chair turn from Destiny. Marcus was visibly elated as soon as he saw Destiny’s chair turning.

9. mariah

Horses and singing are this girl’s two most favourite things. The eleven-year-old took an audacious risk by deciding to sing Queen’s classic ‘Love of My Life’. Unfortunately, her grit wasn’t enough to entice any judges to turn their chair. All of the judges expressed her strong vocals, emphasising on practicing her control.

10. matthias

The penultimate act was this eleven-year-old boy. Ex-footballer Matthias had to make a U-turn on his dream after it was found that he has a coarctation of the aorta. That’s when his love of music was discovered, and he has never looked back ever since. On the stage he performed Charlie Puth’s ‘One Call Away’, where he got Owen Luellen to turn his chair.

11. kylie ann

The first episode of season one of the Voice Kids came to an end with Kylie Ann’s performance. Her outstanding vocals shone through with her interpretation of the Queen’s most renowned song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. As soon as Kylie Ann hit the first chorus, the judges were completely entranced. It didn’t take long until every single judge pressed his button. At just fourteen, Kylie Ann is the second singer of the night that managed to get all three judges to turn. In the end, Kylie Ann decided to get on Destiny’s team.

Will you be watching the second episode of the first season of the Voice Kids?