Malta In The Movies: A Look at the Scenery and Locations

Malta In The Movies: A Look at the Scenery and Locations

fort ricasoli

Photo credit: roman_babakin

In recent years, the film industry in Malta has seen an impressive increase in demand with plenty of opportunities and projects being shot in and around the islands. With some well-known films being filmed in Malta, let’s take a look at the scenery and locations that made the final cut and helped put this little country on the map.

Murder On The Orient Express

Fort St. Elmo, National War Museum, Valletta

This star-studded film, utilised Malta’s capital city for its ancient-looking buildings and scenery to replicate both flashbacks and real-time events of the characters travelling on the Orient Express. Valletta can be seen in the opening scenes of the film, portraying both Jerusalem and Istanbul. With shots of actors running through the streets, up the stairs and overlooking the lighthouse, locals (and audiences alike) can be sure to catch many glimpses of the beautiful transformed capital, serving as the designated city.


Russell crowe at fort ricasoli

Starring Russel Crowe, Gladiator was shot at multiple locations in Malta. From the Grand Harbour to the Valletta Ditch, to Fort Ricasoli, viewers who have watched the film (or are still yet to), can see Malta from multiple views and be immersed in the action-packed storyline. With Malta being so rich in history and culture, it comes as no surprise that the people behind Gladiator, recognised its potential to (successfully) replicate ancient Rome.

Assassin’s Creed

merchant street, valletta

Perhaps one of the most commonly known films to be shot in Malta is Assassin’s Creed. It’s fort galore and the film certainly does not waste the chance to use Malta’s historical forts as specific locations throughout the film. Using Fort Ricasoli (which seems to be very popular), Fort Manoel and Fort Delimara, all fort and war fans (and locals) will have a treat in seeing these transform and serve as speciality locations within the film. Additionally, audiences can see Valletta from views they haven’t before. The capital is used for its narrow streets and crowded rooftops, allowing the characters to parkour their way over to their next location.

Jurassic World Dominion

st george's square, valletta

The most recent Hollywood blockbuster to have been filmed on the island is the action-packed, dinosaur chasing, Jurassic World Dominion. Filmed in Valletta, we see dramatic chase scenes, explosions and protagonist Owen Grady being chased down while escaping on a motorbike (to just name a few things). St. Georges square is shown off along with Valletta’s narrow side streets and with fast-paced aerial shots of the city, audiences get to see how perfectly Valletta sets up the action and intensive chase sequences for both the actors and dinosaurs

By The Sea

mgarr ix-xini

Angelina jolie on the set of by the sea

Filmed predominantly in Gozo at Mgarr ix-Xini, the film shows off the natural beauty and crystal blue waters that this secluded little beach has to offer. With the house set on a hill which overlooks the ocean, audiences can now give some attention to Gozo and be mesmerised by bird’s eye views of sprawling green farming fields and all the surrounding areas that otherwise would not be seen.

Malta is slowly becoming more of an international hotspot for films and projects of all styles, sizes and genres, giving Malta the recognition it deserves. With the film industry booming on the islands, we cannot wait to see what else Malta will be starring in next.