Chasing the sunset in the best spots in Malta & Gozo

Chasing the sunset in the best spots in Malta & Gozo

With Malta being a rocky island with generous amounts of hills, finding an elevated site proves to be easier than you might think. Having the island be surrounded by the open and tranquil Mediterranean ocean means you’ll get two views for the price of one. Malta has on average, 300 days of summer yearly, which is great news if you love warmer weather, clear blue skies and stunning sunsets. If you’ve always wanted to watch the sun go down but haven’t found the right place, look no further as we explore Malta’s best places to watch and enjoy the sunset. 

Dingli Cliffs, Ħad-Dingli

The Dingli Cliffs being the highest point in Malta at roughly 250m above sea level makes this location one of the best to watch the sun go down. Being so high up, you’ll get to see the sunset over the Mediterranean ocean and experience this scene uninterrupted as there are no buildings or obstructions of any sort – just the pure bliss of nature.

Top of The World, Ħal Għargħur


This very popular destination for tourists, hikers and locals alike, has you elevated and looking over Bahar iċ-Ċaghaq, Is-Salina and the Mediterranean Sea. With the sun setting, you’ll witness the buildings slowly transform into tiny lit-up specks in the distance. With plenty of bench chairs available, you can sit back, relax and watch the stunning scenery with friends, family or loved ones.

Għajn Tuffieħa, Limits of Mġarr

Although a very crowded hotspot, the views of this sunset will not disappoint. Whether you capture the moment after having taken a dip in the sea or after work, you’ll be glad you came to watch this wonderful scenery. Additionally, if laying on the sand isn’t enough for you, you can always take a quick little hike on the many hiking paths bordering the bay for a different perspective.

Wied iż- Żurrieq, Qrendi

Christian Spiteri Photography

Known for the beauty that is the Blue Grotto, not only will you get to experience the clear blue waters that surround you, but also a perfect view of the sunset. Looking out to the islet of Filfa, viewers can have a stunning triple view of the water, sun and out-in-the-distant natural rock formations.

The Silent City, Mdina

The once capital of Malta overlooks Rabat and fields as far as the eye can see. Whether you’re sitting in one of the many restaurants or walking through the city, you can expect picturesque scenery with stunning views as the sun sets over the surrounding localities and out behind the Mediterranean ocean.

Tal Mixta Cave, Għawdex (Gozo)

Located in the hills of Nadur, this cave cut-out allows its explorers to overlook the popular and beautiful Ramla Bay. If you’re tired from swimming all day and just want to sit back and relax, take a quick drive up (if you’re up for it) to this hidden cave and enjoy the view of the sun setting over the bay.