Celebrating National Pizza Day in Malta

Celebrating National Pizza Day In Malta

Calling all pizza lovers – today is ‘National Pizza Day’ meaning that like any other day of the year (but only now on the officially titled day), we get to celebrate the beauty and joy that is pizza.

Where and how it all began

Metropolitan City of Naples

The history of pizza goes back centuries ago where a simple flatbread finished with toppings, was consumed by the Romans, Greeks and ancient Egyptians. The beloved pizza started coming to life in the late 1800s and was originally created to feed the ‘lazzaroni’ (street people in Naples who were the poorest of people in the lowest class of society). As these people were constantly travelling and looking for work, they required quick, cheap, and easy food. Filled with mainly negative reviews from foreigners and food writers, it was until 1899 when this all changed. Queen Margherita and King Umbridge I visited Naples no longer wanting the same French dishes that were being served. Although their foods were complicated and intricate, they wanted to try something new. Raffaele Esposito, who was the pizzaiolo, was ordered to prepare local foods for Queen Margherita – in which he made three types of pizza. The pizzas he prepared were;

  • Pizza with cecenielli (pizza with whitebait)
  • Pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
  • Pizza with lard, caciocavallo and basil (pizza with horse- milk cheese)

After indulging in these, the Queen was in awe. As for her name, you can guess which pizza she liked the most. With the history that is known to us, it truly does come as a surprise in realising just how far the greasy dough snack has come and how international and much-loved it is.

In recognition of this national food day, we take a look at where you can get the best pizza around Malta and Gozo.

Il Pirata, Mellieha (With locations in St.Julians, Senglea & the Valletta waterfront)

Il Pirata

With ocean views and a large, spacious outdoor area, Il Pirata is definitely one to visit. They offer a vast and generous pizza menu ranging from classic pizzas to their own local pizza and calzone (folded pizza). They also serve both vegetarian and vegan pizzas, catering for many.

We recommend the Gorgonzola e Noci pizza. 

Visit their website here for more information and to see the menu. 

Casa Sotto, Valletta (with locations in marsaskala, st. julians, gzira & Malta International airport- luqa)

Casa Sotto

With many locations, Casa Sotto offers many types of pizza while catering for vegetarian diners. They offer red sauce pizza, white sauce pizza and gourmet pizza along with decadent extras such as truffles and porcini mushrooms. If you follow a gluten-free diet, worry not as you can opt for gluten-free dough instead at an additional price.

We recommend the Colosseo pizza. 

Visit their website here for more information and to see the menu. 

Al Legna, Marsaskala

Al Legna

Offering both traditional and unique pizza variations, diners will have plenty to choose from. Al Legna also offers vegetarian pizza for those who follow the diet or simply prefer to eat meat-free. They also offer sweet pizza for those who want a combination of both pizza and dessert.

We recommend the Bresaola pizza.

A link to their Facebook can be found here for more information and to see the menu. 

Marrobbio, Spinola & Sliema


Marrobbio has an extensive range of pizza with classic, ‘the most popular’, special selection, calzone selection, Marribbio sorrisoni and vegan pizza. If you want something traditional or a pizza that’s a little unique, Marrobbio has you covered.

We recommend the Smoky pizza.

Visit their website here for more information and to see the menu. 

Bianco’s, St. Julians


Located in the heart of St.Julians, Bianco’s offer calzone aplenty along with white sauce pizza, classic pizza and special pizza. They also offer a few Maltese-inspired pizzas. Vegan mozzarella and lactose-free mozzarella are also available as extras, making their pizza menu more diet-friendly for their many diners.

We recommend the Nduja pizza.

Visit their website here for more information and to see the menu. 

Maxokk, Gozo


Only offering takeaway or delivery options, Maxokk provides a more rustic and European feel as it’s an over-the-counter service. Having plenty of their own unique pizzas, customers will be coming back for more as their pizza is a balanced level of traditional and unique.

We recommend the Maxokk Special.

Visit their website here for more information and to see the menu.