Some of Malta & Gozo's Best Picnic Spots

Some of Malta & Gozo's Best Picnic Spots

Ahh, spring. That time of year when the sun begins to pop out but the light breeze blocks out the extreme heat. Winter has slowly moved away and it has started to gradually transition into summer.

Malta in the springtime is the perfect time to go out for hikes, sight-see on a Sunday (or whenever you have time) and enjoy relaxing picnics. With stunning views all around the island of the Mediterranean sea, enjoying a picnic up high offers beautiful scenery and picnics on lower grounds provide picturesque nature views. Now, we take a look at some of Malta’s (and one of Gozo’s) best picnic spots you can enjoy during the lovely season of spring.

Buskett Woodlands (Gardens), Limits of Rabat

One of the more popular locations, Buskett Gardens offers a beautiful picnic area for families. Boasting an impressive selection of different types of trees, the gardens also include many paths for you to explore, perhaps allowing to help you walk off all the delicious foods and snacks you bought to eat. Spring is the best time to go to Buskett Gardens as the picnic area is an open space that allows the sun to beam down with the large trees to help provide shade, should the sun become unbearable.

Top of the World, Ħal Għargħur

Looking over the fields and into the distance, the Mediterranean sea and the neighbouring locality Baħar-iċ-Ċaghaq can be seen. Top of the World allows you to take in the breathtaking views whilst also offering beautiful hiking trails. Picnics here are out of this world and with park benches available, you can either decide to eat and fuel up before a trek, have a post-hike or calm and relaxing snack, or a romantic picnic whilst watching the stunning sunset out in the distance.

Golden Bay, Mellieħa

This popular beach is exactly what it’s called. The bay has soft golden sand and an extremely spacious beach area (when it is not jam-packed with beach-goers) where you can go to sun tan, play beach volleyball, enjoy a nice picnic or hike on the nearby hiking trails. Although there are no park benches available, avid picnic lovers can simply bring a blanket, put it straight down on the sand and watch the water sparkle in the sunlight and watch the rest of the world go by. Either bring some goodies from home or check out the local cafes and surrounding food stalls for some delicious pre-made food if you’re after a truly relaxing experience.

Sanap Cliffs, Gozo

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Overlooking the beautiful blue ocean with Malta out in the distance, not only do the Sanap Cliffs provide a perfect and isolated picnic area, but also stunning views. This one is not for the faint hearted but if heights and cliffs aren’t your thing, worry not as there is plenty of space you can sit and overlook the ocean without being right on the edge of this beautiful spot. You can enjoy your picnic either during the day to watch the blue skies surround you, or just before sun set to witness a truly captivating moment.

Chadwick Lakes, Limits of L-IMtarfa & Rabat

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Having its very own eco-system, people can expect to see many types of flora and fauna as well as endless hiking trails, dams, lakes and picnic spots. Chadwick Lakes is a much loved spot for families and friends to all get together along with their pets, as there is plenty of space and land to utilise and run around on. Situated in the limits of L-Imtarfa and Ir-Rabat, it not only proves to provide endless explorations of nature, but also an exciting journey to reach it as it is located in the more quiet north-western side of the island, surrounded by farms and fields.

Kennedy Grove, St. Pauls Bay

With a monument dedicated to the former US president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this green area offers walking paths, water features, an  open gym and plenty of space to sit and enjoy a picnic. Kennedy Grove is a popular area for friends and families and a must-visit if you’re in need of a nice picnic day. As mentioned, this area also comes with artificial water features which allows for an entertaining sight for those who want something different. Located in the north region of Malta, it allows those who live nearby to enjoy a local nature haven whilst attracting those who live in the opposite end of the island to have an exciting day trip and an even better visit once arrived. Parking is available all down the street of Kennedy Grove but as expected, it can fill up quite quickly.