Malta In A Day - Exploring Malta On A Budget: The South Edition

Malta In A Day - Exploring Malta On A Budget: The South Edition

Everyone loves to travel and explore but doing so on a budget may seem tricky. With plenty of sights to see and delicious restaurants and cafes to enjoy, we take a look at enjoying and travelling around the south of Malta whilst on a budget. Although buses are cheap to use across the islands, fees for modes of transport have not been included. 


Via & Jacob's Brew - 'Pay it Forward'

With open areas surrounded by sea, who wouldn’t want to visit Marsaskala? Taking in the smell of fresh air – perhaps thanks to the salt in the surrounding waters and a nice walk along the promenade with the sun beaming down, is a good way to start the day. After waking up, surely you’re after something to eat for breakfast.

Located in Marsaskala, ‘Jacob’s Brew – Pay It Forward’ is a Maltese family-run business where they give back to the community. Offering plenty of savoury food items such as XXL toasts, ciabattas, ftiras and wraps to pancakes, waffles and crepes, the menu doesn’t fall short on selection. They also serve smoothies, coffee, frappes, and cold and hot drinks. Also boasting views of the water, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food, with friendly service and gorgeous scenery  – what more could you want? If you’re after a coffee with a filling and delicious breakfast, we recommend a cappuccino for €1.80 and a pancake of your choice for €4.50.

The total for breakfast is €6.30.

For more information and to see their menu, visit here

After breakfast, you can simply cross the street and walk along the promenade, admiring the blue waters and taking in the peace and serenity around you. Once you have walked off breakfast and begin to travel into the centre of Marsaskala, you will find a bus stop that will bring you to your next destination. The bus stop is called ‘Grigal’ and the route will bring you through Marsaskala and into Marsaxlokk where on the way, you will pass by the outskirts of Zejtun as well as agricultural farming lands.

Late Morning

Via James Bianchi

Marsaxlokk is known for its fishing history and abundance of seafood restaurants. The Sunday fishing market is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It allows fisherman to sell their freshly caught seafood. Marsaxlokk is known to be the fishing village of Malta so it comes as no surprise that the produce found at the market is of top quality. There you can find octopus, prawns and a very impressive range of fish. The market opens at 8:30 am but you best get there as early as possible as majority of the seafood will be gone by 10:00 am. The market takes place every Sunday and has expanded in recent years to now also sell local produce such as fruit and vegetables, honey, wine and jams. It truly is a captivating and cultural experience as tourists get a look into a small yet highly traditional aspect of Maltese life with the beauty of Marsaxlokk and the available fresh seafood. If you visit the village after breakfast, most of the seafood would have already been sold out but you can always browse through the traditional and local products. 

Located just down the street from the market, is the Marsaxlokk Parish Church where you can visit and go back in time to uncover more of the Maltese culture. Holding a very interesting history, the church at one point was used for both the fisherman and their families for spiritual support. You can take a look at its interior with its patterned white walls and gold linings that perfectly complement the church.

 After sightseeing and taking a look at some of Malta’s local produce, perhaps you’ve started to become a little hungry – worry not, we’ve got you covered. 


Via Times of Malta & La Nostra Padrona

Being in Malta’s “locality known for its fishing”, why wouldn’t you want to indulge in some local seafood? One of Marsaxlokk’s popular restaurants that specialise in seafood, is ‘La Nostra Padrona’. They serve an array of different meals and courses such as antipasti, salads, pasta, fish dishes and meat dishes. The beauty is that if you don’t usually opt for seafood, you can instead enjoy a salad, pasta or meat dish should you prefer. If you do decide to visit La Nostra Padrona, we recommend the Polpette Di Neonati (homemade fish cakes) and a large bottle of water (to keep you hydrated). 

The cost of the meal comes to €17.30.

For more information and to see their menu, visit here.

After finishing lunch, you can take a nice 10-minute stroll down south until you reach ‘Bay Għar Aħmar’. This popular site went through a sand “replenishment” in 2019. The bay was extended in size with the addition of showers, toilets, changing rooms and recycling bins. Whether you prefer a walk in the sand or a dip in the sea, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on visiting this area. Once you have relaxed or finished up from taking photos, a bus stop to your next location is located just up from the bay. The bus stop is called “Qrajten” and will get you to Birżebbuġa.   

Late Afternoon

Via Heritage Malta & TripAdvisor

Once you reach the ‘Herakles’ bus stop in Birżebbuġa, you have reached your designated stop. An easy seven-minute walk will get you to the Għar Dalam Cave which is Malta’s oldest prehistoric site. There, you will walk through an underground cave exploring the many archaeological pathways which all hold timeless history and remains of animal bones from species that no longer walk the islands of Malta. Some bones were found to be placed at the site some 500,000 years ago. Visitors will be able to explore and go back in time to uncover a greater depth of knowledge on Malta and more about the animals and their existence on the island. A museum of the skeletons of animals can also be viewed should you want to get more of an understanding of the size of these creatures and a visual of their appearance.

Ticket prices vary per age but for an adult ticket, tickets are €5.00 each.

For more information and to book tickets, visit here

After the completion of the tour, you can take a nice stroll through the centre of Birżebbuġa where eventually, you’ll reach the ‘End of the Cold War’ monument. It’s about an 18-minute walk but will allow you to take in the scenery of the locality whilst beginning to experience life in this southern town.

This monument marks the meeting between George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev in Malta which eventually led to the declaration of the end of the Cold War. Being located right on the water in Birżebbuġa, visitors will not only have the monument to admire and learn more about, but also have views of the sea. You can then simply walk seven minutes into the town where you will then reach the ever-so-popular, ‘Pretty Bay’.  You can take your shoes off and walk on the golden sand or even through the water if the weather allows. Pretty Bay also has a small green area equipped with paths if you would rather opt for a nice green walk. As the day begins to fall into the night, before heading to your final destination, it would be wise to pick up a quick dinner. In true Maltese fashion, a traditional and delicious Maltese pastry of some sort is our favourite option. Lucky for you, right on the street with the required bus stop is to your final destination, is Jeff’s Pastizzeria which serves plenty of traditional and much-loved Maltese snacks. We recommend the pizelli Qassata as it is both filling and has a delicious mild curry flavour.

The qassatat along with the Maltese classic, Kinnie, comes to €3.10.


Via Jeff's Pastizzeria & Eman Azzopardi

Make your way over to the ‘Despott’ bus stop where you will catch the 119 bus to the final destination. Heading towards Zurrieq, you’ll get off at the bus stop ’Hasan’. A nine-minute walk going in the south direction will get you to Għar ir-Rih. Għar ir-Rih is a cave which opens up to a cliff where you can overlook the Mediterranean Sea. It is a stunning touristic spot as you can walk through the cave (perhaps bringing a flashlight as it can get pretty dark) and take the most mesmerising Instagram photo. If you’re still holding onto your light dinner, now would be the perfect time to enjoy it as you’ll be in the cave, looking out over the ocean with the sun beginning to set. 

With the day having come to and end after enjoying the sights and many foods and spending only €31.70, we can successfully say that you travelled through the south of Malta whilst on a budget.