Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In Gozo

Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In Gozo

It’s soon becoming that time of year when the weather starts to transition into sunny days with fewer amounts of clouds in sight. The days have small pops of heat and get you excited for the summer months to soon start rolling into the season.

Like anywhere, living in the same country means that over time, you see the same things and go to the same places which often makes you crave different scenery – a different country. An easy solution would be to hop on a plane and jet to anywhere your heart desires. Malta, however, not only offers that experience but also allows locals and tourists to simply get on a ferry and travel 25 – 40 minutes (depending on sea conditions and the weather) to another island. That island – Gozo.  

Sharing such rich history and culture, both Malta and Gozo boast glorious oceans with traditional foods and historic monuments. However, Gozo is known to be the “greener and laid back” island of the two which is perfect if you’re after a more relaxing and naturistic getaway. If you’re planning on visiting Malta’s sister island during the warmer months (or even now), keep reading as we discuss some of the best outdoor activities you can enjoy whilst in Gozo.


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Of course, why wouldn’t you want to swim in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea that surround Gozo? Being an even smaller island than Malta, beaches are just a simple and quick drive away from wherever you are. Xlendi for example, is only a nine-minute drive from Victoria, the centre of Gozo.

You can spend all day working on your tan or swimming in one of Gozo’s many beautiful beaches. Like everywhere, we recommend you arrive as early as possible so you find and set up a spot on the sand whilst also avoiding the risk of not finding a car space.

Although one of the most popular beaches on the island, we recommend Ramla Beach which is only 13 minutes away.

Bike Riding

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Gozo is an excellent choice for bike riding. As it is even smaller than Malta, getting from point A to point B is very doable. You’ll be able to ride without having to worry about reaching your designated location hours and hours after. It is the perfect balance of sightseeing and exercising.

Gozo is ideal for bike riding as it much more quite than Malta – meaning there won’t be as much traffic or constant reasons for stopping (construction, traffic, schools etc). There are plenty of paths and country roads you can explore whilst also encountering uphill challenges and smooth downhill trips.


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If you love the water but not going into the water, kayaking is a perfect choice. You’ll get to see Gozo from a different perspective whilst having all the time in the world to take it at your own pace. There are plenty of groups and tours that are available for you to choose from, so worry not. You can choose which plan best suits you depending on time availabilities and preferred intensity.

It also allows you to explore the beautiful blue sea without becoming absolutely drenched and wet should you prefer to stay on the drier side. 

Visit A Vineyard

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Gozo produces many types of wine and with the vast land they have available, you don’t want to miss out on having a sophisticated and relaxing time whilst enjoying true local produce. Family-run vineyard, Ta’ Mena, boasts an incredible number of products that are available to purchase.

They press their olives to make their low acidic extra virgin olive oil and grow their grapes to produce some of Gozo’s finest and highest quality wines. They also offer free taste sampling of their wines and some foods as well.

Horseback Riding

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You can book a horse riding tour through Gozo Stables and enjoy quality time with that special someone or with family and friends.

Horse riding will allow you to not only spend time with the special people in your life but also see Gozo through a more relaxed and calm perspective. The Gozo stables pride themselves on providing memorable experiences whilst also caring for their horses. Tours are available for corporate groups, adults, children and parties.

Opt For A Private Boat To Gozo

Unless you have your own boat, the Gozo Channel Line and Fast Ferry are the only modes of transport that will get you from Malta to Gozo. If you’re after a more exciting and private adventure to Gozo, you can always book a private boat charter. This will get the party and celebrations started before you’ve even arrived. 

You can choose your own type of boating vehicle such as a catamaran, party boat, sailing boat or motor yacht depending on the group size and personal preferences. This can be booked from Malta so make sure you book in advance.