YouTuber Nas Daily talks About Rare 'maltese' Passport

YouTuber Nas Daily Talks About Rare 'Maltese' passport

Isreali Youtuber, Nas Daily, has made yet another video talking about Malta – well, almost. 

Nas, whose full name is Nuseir Yassin, has over 11 million Youtube subscribers and was on the island back in 2018, shooting some 17 videos to promote the island on his website and social media platforms. His team returned to Malta in March of this year to film 18 videos as part of his 2023 tour.

His newest video depicts the world’s rarest passport with only 500 people obtaining it. Can you guess which country it belongs to?

Well actually, it doesn’t belong to any country, instead, it belongs to The Order of Malta. If you aren’t familiar with this group, The Order of Malta is a group of Catholic Humanitarian people that started 1000 years ago in Jerusalem. They then decided to move to Malta and hundreds of years later, got their own passport.

Surprisingly, although it doesn’t belong to any country, it is one of the world’s strongest passports, being stronger than the Chinese, Thai and Indian passport.

Some would think that because it looks just like a regular passport and has the same features as one, it is used for the same purpose – it is instead used to aid and help people, especially those in crisis zones around the globe.

Nas loves providing historic information about Malta to his followers and promoting it, so we are excited to see how else he gets involved with this little island in The Mediterranean.