Games of Small States of Europe 2023 – What to Expect

Since 1995, nine small European nations have been participating in the biennial multi-sport event. The Games of Small States of Europe (GSSE) offers the smallest European nations a rare chance to host and play at a very competitive level. These nine countries have a population of fewer than a million people.

On the recommendation of the NOC of Malta, the Association organised the first Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE), which were held in San Marino, in 1985. Since then, this multisport competition has been organised every two years with increasing success and is only open to athletes from the eight countries on our continent with populations under a million.

While our athletes have yet to win any gold at the Olympics, they have excelled in events like the Small States of Europe and the Mediterranean Games. This is a result of the athletes’ commitment as well as the results of the investments made in the training plan. Approximately a thousand players, coaches, officials, delegation leaders, and VIPs go to Malta each time these events are conducted.   Among the 10 sports in which contestants will participate are athletics, basketball, judo, rugby sevens, sailing, shooting, squash, swimming, table tennis, and tennis. Yes, you’ve heard that right. There will be approximately 1000 athletes, 1500 accredited persons, 9 small nations, and a total of 13 different sports.

After 20 years, Malta will host the Games of the Small States of Europe in 2023 from May 28 to June 4. The design was said to incorporate the famous Olympic rings, the sea, fish, and a well-known Maltese emblem—the eye symbol. The eye symbol may be seen in various situations across Maltese culture, such as protection from the evil eye charms, spiritual identifying markings on luzzu (traditional Maltese fishing boats), and ‘Il-Gardjola’ (a famous watchtower in Senglea), which symbolises guardianship and observance. The colours of the logo overlap to signify “Malta’s values of diversity and inclusion.” Interestingly, Malta has already hosted the Games twice. The first time was in 1993, and Malta hosted the games again in 2003. Eight more nations—Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, and San Marino—will participate in this year’s games.

Will you be supporting our country’s greatest athletes at this year’s Games of the Small States of Europe? Entrance to all competitions is free of charge and on a first come first served basis.