Malta's In For An unpredictable Week Of Weather

Malta this week is going to be seeing some very inconsistent weather, so get ready to expect the unexpected.

Tuesday sees a top of 21° with showers whilst on Wednesday, it’s only going to be 1° warmer with a top of 22°. Thursday will also be 21° but partly cloudy and will be the first day of the week where we get to see a glimpse of the sun. 


Malta’s displays of the sun won’t stay for long as Friday sees a top of 23° with scattered showers throughout. Finally, both Saturday and Sunday give us hope for a lovely end to the week, as they will both reach a high of 22° and will be mostly sunny. 


As always, it’s best to plan out your week so you prepare accordingly so you’re ready for whatever comes your way. Remember – bring an umbrella when heading out to avoid getting caught in the rain.