Internationally acclaimed Choreographer and ŻfinMalta Collaborate On Unique Piece That Premieres This Weekend

The world premiere of Utopia, by award winning choreographer Emanuel Gat, is taking place at Teatru Manoel on 26, 27 and 28 May

ŻfinMalta’s company dancers have worked closely with Emanuel Gat on the creation of this unique new piece.

Utopia is a celebration of humanity reflected through the movement of ten dancers. Emanuel Gat aims to make the audience feel the dancers’ qualities, such as their uniqueness, excellence, fearlessness, and sense of responsibility as human beings.

The journey to Utopia takes its audience through the personal journeys of each individual, seeking connection; the individuals being the dancers, who are continously working together to create something magical. Rather than give the dancers a prescribed set of movements to perfect and perform on stage, Gat asks them to be live creators. Every performance will feel different, the aim is to keep this creation alive.

As humans strive to achieve the ‘ideal’ life, this choreography by Gat aims to show that a group of individuals achieving together is far more beneficial and holds greater value than achieving something by yourself.

Emanuel describes his choreographic style as risky, “I would say, I don’t choreograph, I’m like a coach. If I had Messi playing for me, I’m not going to tell him how to kick a ball, because he knows better than the coach how to do that, but he needs someone to organise the team, the placement, and the strategy, in order for him to do what he does well. Dancers do what they do very well, they just need to be given the responsibility and the freedom. They need to understand the choreographic context and process, so they can make a right decision.”

Emanuel Gat was born in Israel and his company Emanuel Gat Dance is based in Marseilles, France. He is ranked as one of Europe’s leading and most prolific choreographers working today.

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