WATCH: The Travellers Release Brand New Single and Music Video

Local pop band The Travellers has released a  brand new summer jam, Jum Ġdid, a fresh, out of the box song with feel good vibes from their latest album ‘Inżul u Tlajja’’. What is the song about? The world famous “Sindikajr Malti” (someone nosey) . 

You know who they are. They are everywhere. It’s Malta after all. Every street has that one nosey neighbour who knows everything. They lurk in the shadows with prying eyes, eager to find out everything!

They know who you are, where you live, what you do, at what time you go to sleep and the colour of your underwear.

They perfected their craft as if it was an art and most probably believe that they are absolutely essential to the community they live in.

Check out The Travellers’ music video release to see that they’re up to!