The Sun Is Starting To Creep Up: Malta In For A Warmer Week

After a warm weekend to finish the week, we take a look at this upcoming week’s weather and with summer soon starting, here’s to hoping that the sun will continue to stay around for a little while longer. 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will see partly cloudy days, all with tops of 23° whilst over on Thursday, it is expected to shower with rain over Malta but also hit a top of 23°. In the evening, the clouds are assumed to slightly clear up allowing for some much-wanted sunshine.

Friday and Saturday are expected to be mostly sunny with tops of 24°. To end the week on a high note, Sunday will also be giving us a high of 24° and will be mostly sunny.

From the looks of it, the sun is slowly starting to come out and heat up the islands after a long waited arrival.

Make sure to get outdoors this week, enjoy the sun and perhaps start working on that summer tan!