Bursting with Colour: Esplora’s Pride-Themed Science Workshops For Kids

From conferences to concerts, we’ve had an array of successful LGBTQI+ events as part of Europride 2023. We are now seven days into the festivities and there is still so much more fun in store for the remaining three days. But for those who want to celebrate with their kids, the options are a bit limited. Watching Christina Aguilera live for free is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it isn’t really worth potentially having your kid get trampled. Luckily, Esplora has a brilliant programme of fun yet scientific activities for children called Bursting with Colour as part of the Pride 2023 celebrations.

Esplora, Malta’s interactive science centre, is located in Kalkara where it overlooks the harbour. It was created with the goal of showing the masses how insightful and exciting science can be. They allow visitors to experience and witness scientific phenomena first-hand with their various exhibitions and activities. They even have a Planetarium, where lovers of musical theatre are welcome to attend AURA this week. AURA is a charming musical with queer themes that will be set in complete darkness. Personally, I already have my ticket. However, while kids can definitely go watch, the musical is a separate event altogether. 

Bursting with Colour has seen the centre be transformed into a vibrant mosaic as part of the Pride theme. Esplora is offering 2 Science Shows, a Storytelling Session, and an Interactive Workshop for visitors to enjoy. ‘Colours Everywhere’ is a Science Show where your child can watch or take part as they attempt to make flowers change colour, pour the colours of the rainbow, and even make fireworks. The other Science Show is ‘Beautiful Bubbles’; Kids will be taught about the chemistry of bubbles, as well as blow human-size bubbles and even step into them.

Next up, ‘Let’s See Colour’ is a Storytelling Session where children will explore the sense of sight, particularly in relation to lights and shadow. What’s more, the kids will meet children’s book character Henry the Hedgehog who’s only just started seeing the colour. Together, they will help Henry discover colours, lights, and shadows with the use of light tables. This workshop is all about sensory development and thus is meant for children as young as 2-4 years old. Finally, the Interactive Workshop ‘Coloring with Chemistry’ will teach kids about the beauty of chemistry. They will also learn how to make art and designs out of chemicals that can be found around the house. As a precaution, this activity is for children aged 5-8 years old.

Tickets are just €5 for children, as well as people holding the EU Disability Card, Karta Anzjan or the 60+ I.D Card. Children includes people up to 15 years old, while Adult tickets are priced at €7. The tickets are not up for sale online, but instead will be available for purchase upon entry. So do be warned, it’s pretty much first come, first served. A ticket will only get you into one Science Session or one Workshop; To take part in another you must pay an additional €2 per person.

This feast of colour will be open until the end of the week on Sunday 17 September. The hours are from 9 am to 3 pm on weekdays, then from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t let your kid miss out on this opportunity to play around with colours, enter a human-sized balloon, and create art with mixed media all while learning about chemistry!