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Ira Losco and Matthew James release song about hope

Two of arguably Malta’s most well-known and well-loved musicians, Ira Losco and Matthew James, have teamed up for an inspiring single called Tbissem. The track, which is in Maltese, was composed by Kris Spiteri and is the second collaboration between the two, who deliver a beautiful performance, aimed at uplifting the population in the midst of a pandemic.

The music video for Tbissem was filmed during the night at the stunning Fort Manoel, with ambient lights illuminating Valletta’s façade.

The two artists sing about love, inspiration, hope and gratitude, as the song focuses on the days prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, to imagine a post-pandemic world and to send a message to us all that music can bring people together. Prior to the release of Tbissem, Ira urged artists not to give up, in spite of these challenging times.

“We can’t allow this to dent our spirits and we need to pull through it,” said Ira.

“I see it through the eyes of an artist who needs to go back to work, and through the eyes of a parent of a child who is living in a new time – in the past, they were told to exchange things and hug people, but now they’re told not to.”

“There are no limits or boundaries on creativity, we will continue to work on projects while adhering to the steps. You can do things digitally, even while the concert experience cannot be repeated electronically, you can also compose and log while adhering to the mitigation restrictions in place right now,” she continued.

Tbissem was published by the government on the official COVID-19 Facebook page. Check it out.