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A conversation with master architect Prof. Richard England

In the  1st Episode of the new 2nd Season of the podcast ‘Treasures from Malta’ ,  Francesca Balzan has a conversation with master architect Prof. Richard England about his architecture and his art

Richard England is embedded in the national psyche as the Starchitect from Malta. He has won several international awards for his architectural work. He has been honoured by States, by various Universities and by all of the important international architectural associations. But beyond architecture, which is perhaps his most public face, he is a man of many parts.

manikata church

In this podcast they discuss not only his iconic buildings but also his poetry, art, writings and his remarkable record collection as he reflects on a career that saw him working for, and rubbing shoulders with, the greatest creative minds of the time.We delve into spirit of place and spirituality but also look back at the 60s when an incredible grouping of artists and thinkers came together in Malta to create sparks that are still felt today.

Aquasun Lido, St Julians

Theatre, Valletta

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