Fort St Elmo and the National War Museum to Come Alive This Vendredi Night

Fort St Elmo and the National War Museum are set to come alive under the moonlight, late in the evening on Vendredi 19  Mai, giving the public an opportunity to experience both sites like never before during an event aptly named Night at the Museum.

Re-enactors will be bringing history to life in every corner of the fort and the museum, allowing visitors to travel back in time through Roman, Medieval, and Early Modern eras, right up to the French and British occupation of Malta and World War II.

Visitors will be able to wander through the impressive grounds of Fort St Elmo at sunset and beyond, take in the stunning architecture of the two chapels dedicated to St Anne, and discover seven sections of the National War Museum covering 7,000 years of Maltese military history.

Artefacts such as the Gloster Sea Gladiator N5520 FAITH, the Willys Jeep ‘Husky’ used by both Eisenhower and Roosevelt, and Malta’s award for gallantry – the George Cross, all make for a truly unforgettable experience. The rooms forming the Harbour Fire Command complex at the very top of Fort St Elmo will also be open to the public, enriching the visitor experience at this magnificent star-shaped fort. The fort and the museum will be open during special extended hours from 7.00pm till 10.30pm, with last admissions at 10.00pm.

Tickets will be available at the door at a reduced price of €5 per person. Admission will be free of charge for children up to 11 years old and for Heritage Malta members.