Airport Impressions Drop Brand New Single Waiting for Paradise

Get ready to turn up the music!  Locally renowned band Airport Impressions have released a brand new single, Waiting for Paradise, and let us tell you, they’re about to take the local music world by storm! 

Waiting for Paradise is more than just a song for Airport Impressions—it’s a reflection of the current situations we find ourselves navigating within our thought spheres. It’s a reminder that within the chaos, there are moments of respite and beauty waiting to be discovered.

“As a band, we deeply understand the universal yearning for a happy place, wherever and whatever it may be. In a world facing unprecedented challenges and rapid societal changes, we recognise that many individuals are grappling with issues that have arisen due to shifts in the way of life and behaviour. However, amidst these complexities, we firmly believe that there are countless instances that can be considered paradises in their own right.”

Let the enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics transport you to a place where you can momentarily escape, finding comfort and inspiration.  

Waiting for Paradise is now available on all leading music platforms.