The Mesmerising Blue Lagoon of Comino

The Blue Lagoon, one of the most striking natural beauties in the area, is located on the picturesque island of Comino in the Maltese archipelago. Visitors from all over the world have been enthralled by the Blue Lagoon’s pristine beauty, golden sand beaches, and blue seas. This article discusses the captivating Blue Lagoon, which has come to be recognised as a magnificent haven, as well as the appeal of the island of Comino. 

The smallest populated island in the Maltese archipelago, Comino, is situated between Malta and Gozo, its sister island. With only three-square kilometres in size, it is a quiet retreat for both beachgoers and wildlife lovers. The Blue Lagoon, though, is what really steals the show. The shallow, sand-covered seabed and sunlight’s reflection are to blame for the lagoon’s eye-catching blue colouring. 

This unspoiled treasure is frequently praised as one of the most gorgeous bathing locations in the Mediterranean, drawing travellers looking to luxuriate in its crystal-clear waters and take in its breathtaking surroundings. St. Mary’s Tower, one of the island’s well-known structures, was used as a filming site for “The Count of Monte Cristo” in 2002. Since the Blue Lagoon is well-liked, it may get busy during the busiest travel times, so it’s best to schedule your visit carefully.

However, the Blue Lagoon on Comino preserves a sense of tranquilly because of its remote position and restricted access, especially during the week and offseason. Away from the rush of daily life, visitors may experience what it feels like to be in a hidden paradise. Comino’s unspoilt appeal is further enhanced by the lack of extensive construction or motorised transportation, which enables tourists to enjoy nature in its pristine state. 

Comino provides a variety of leisure pursuits for explorers and adventurers outside the Blue Lagoon. Hikers and nature lovers are drawn to the island’s craggy shoreline as its paths lead to secluded coves, dizzying clifftops, and spectacular panoramic vistas. The lagoon’s crystal-clear waters, which are teeming with vibrant marine life and interesting undersea structures, lure divers and snorkelers. A tour of the island by boat is a must-do activity for tourists who want to see Comino’s impressive cliffs, sea caves, and remote beaches, which are unreachable by land.

The Maltese government has taken action to safeguard this natural gem since it is aware of the Blue Lagoon’s ecological significance and Comino’s delicate environment. To protect the Blue Lagoon’s water quality and unspoiled ecosystem, access is strictly limited, with a daily visiting restriction. Visitors are urged to follow marked trails, show care for the island’s nature and animals, and not leave any trash behind. The Blue Lagoon and Comino’s pristine beauty will be preserved thanks to these conservation initiatives for future generations to enjoy.


Allocate at least two hours for the boat ride to Comino. Buses from several areas in Malta can take you to the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal, while buses from Gozo may take you to the Mgarr Ferry Terminal. You may buy a return ticket for €10 from Mgarr (Gozo) or €13 from Cirkewwa (Malta) once you get at the boat station. If you like, you can take your own vehicle to the Comino Ferry Terminal in Marfa. Boat trips are another practical choice, giving features like restrooms, sundecks, and onboard food and beverages. 

To get the most out of your trip to the Blue Lagoon, attempt to get there between 8 and 9 AM to avoid the crowds, especially during the busy months of July and August. Weekdays are preferred to weekends since more residents and visitors visit the lagoon throughout the week. The boat ride to the island is gorgeous, offering many opportunity for Instagram-worthy photos with its lovely cliffs and magnificent blue and turquoise waters. There are still private areas on the beach even if the Blue Lagoon draws a lot of tourists. 

Although there are occasional sand spots among the primarily stony beach, it’s not impossible to locate a pleasant place to unwind. The best part of visiting the Blue Lagoon is swimming in and enjoying the pristine waters. The colourful marine life and underwater delights will please be snorkelling and diving aficionados.

The stunning appeal of Malta’s natural beauties is exemplified by the Blue Lagoon and the alluring island of Comino. The Blue Lagoon offers a haven for people seeking peace and unspoilt beauty with its mesmerising blue seas, isolated beaches, and untouched charm. Adventurers are drawn to Comino by its rocky coastline, trekking paths, and underwater wonders to discover its undiscovered gems. It is apparent why this tiny piece of paradise has attracted attention from all over the world as tourists immerse themselves in the Blue Lagoon’s peace and marvel at Comino’s untamed charm. The Blue Lagoon and Comino will forever be emblems of Malta’s breathtakingly natural beauty and continue to enthral tourists. For an outstanding experience in the Blue Lagoon, plan your vacation in advance and think about going during less busy periods, whether you decide to travel to Comino by ferry or pick a boat excursion.