The August heat Isn't Showing Any Signs Of Slowing Down

Although we were treated to a generous cool-weathered break, Malta can expect hot weather to once again, make its way to the islands 

We hope you were able to enjoy the long-awaited cooler temperatures over the last week – as the remainder of this week and continuing into next week, will see temperatures reaching the early 30s once again. 

Today, temperatures will reach 30° whilst tomorrow through to Tuesday of next week, are all expected to hit 31°. Wednesday and Thursday of next week will both go that extra mile and reach highs of 32°. 

August so far has continued to see strong signs of Summer so make sure you make the most of it and enjoy the sun to get some natural Vitamin D (and perhaps an amazing tan). 

As always, be sure to keep hydrated and protected from the sun with appropriate clothing/accessories (hats, caps and sunglasses).