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Local band announces new album launch

Local rock band Brodu have announced the release of their brand new album! Following the release of both their first album and their more recent second album, ‘Tfejt’, the band’s popularity skyrocketed.

The band announced this exciting news on their Facebook page however; they have yet to let us in on any of the details, such as when, where, even what the album is called!

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Brodu is a five piece Maltese band, which was bought to fruition by Mark Abela (also known as iz-Zizza) back in 2011. The rock band released their first full-length album called “Ħabullabullolb” bin November 2014 and their second “Tfejt”, in July 2017.

Inspired by several different genres, including funk, the blues and what is referred to as ‘doom metal’, the talented musicians have developed a unique style that appeals to any and all that appreciate the alternative music scene. Their music tends to cover a myriad of themes and concepts, including solitude, loss of hope, faith and the lack thereof, primarily in their second album.

We have no idea what to expect as of yet but we know we’re excited!

Check out their previous tunes here.