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Malta International Airport wins best airport in Europe

Photo: Malta International Airport / Facebook

That’s right everyone! In spite of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, Malta International Airport has overcome the obstacles, worked even harder, amended their services and won an award. The airport is among the winners of Airport Council International’s prestigious Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards, claiming the title of ‘Best Airport in Europe’ in its size category. The winners were announced on Monday, following the rating of almost 350 airports worldwide, by 306,673 passengers throughout 2020, bar the second quarter.

No less than 1,044 passengers rated Malta’s airport based on 34 key performance indicators, which are related to the service provided and facilities offered.

Photo: Malta International Airport / Facebook

“Having worked at Malta Airport for almost three decades, seeing our bustling airport fall quiet in a matter of days was very discouraging. Despite the challenges and many changes, all airport stakeholders stepped up their efforts to provide an excellent service, going the extra mile to re-shape the airport journey, learn new skills, and implement measures aimed at putting guests at ease. Receiving an award based on guest feedback, at a time when consumer confidence in the travel industry is very low, is the ultimate reward for our hard work, throughout 2020. On behalf of the entire airport team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our guests for their vote of confidence and our stakeholders for their unwavering support,” said senior customer services officer, Marcon Hili.

How did MIA score?

Good question. Malta International Airport registered an improvement in terms of the majority of indicators, by when compared to 2019. The airport got top scores from its cleanliness, to staff courtesy, to safety, security and ease of way finding. MIA ended the year with an all-time high overall satisfaction score of 4.46. Just for some context, the European average stood at 4.28.

Also, though waiting time ranked among customers’ top priorities prior to the pandemic, following the outbreak, cleanliness shot up to the top of the list, indicating a clear shift in passengers’ requirements and expectations of their airport experience.