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Itma’ u Libbes: feed a child for a week

Itma’ u Libbes, is the 2021 Lenten campaign organised by the Archdiocese of Malta, through the Caritas Parish Diaconia Network, with Newsbook.com.mt and 103 Malta’s Heart.

What is the campaign about?

The aim of Itma’ u Libbes is to fundraise money to pay for healthy meals to be given to those in need, as well as to collect re-usable clothes that are still in great condition. Both initiatives will be managed in a completely innovative way, different to the way in which traditional campaigns fundraising for food and clothing usually get things done.

According to the National Office of Statistics, there were no less than 82,700 people at risk of poverty throughout the year of 2020. A further 40,000 were living in severely deprived conditions. When taking the data into consideration, this means that one in every four people is either poor or barely managing to keep their heads above water.

Moved by the figures and constant contact with people who unfortunately, cannot meet their daily requirements, the Archdiocese of Malta and Beacon Media Group, who are the owners of Newsbook.com.mt, as well as 103 Malta’s Heart, teamed up to campaign for food and clothing for these people in need.

Help with providing daily healthy meals

In a nutshell, the general public has been invited to contribute to the campaign by helping to provide vouchers for daily means, for those in need. The meals will be cooked by professional chefs and will include ingredients necessary for a healthy diet.

With a single SMS or a phone call, you can make a difference.

  • By donating €11.65, you can feed a child for a week (SMS 5061 9270)

  • By donating €20, you can feed an elderly couple for five days (SMS 5100 2037)

  • By donating €50, you can feed a family of four for three days (SMS 5190 2072)

“We are proud to be working to accomplish the direction given to us by Christ: to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. Though this is a Lenten initiative, we hope that through people’s generosity we may continue to relieve the hunger of those in need and to clothe those who find it difficult to make ends meet,” said Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna.

Help with providing re-usable clothing

When donated, re-usable clothes, which are still in good condition, will go through a process of sorting, washing and pressing before being packed and sold. These activities will also promote sustainability and environmental friendliness, fulfilling their environmental commitment.

Those in need of clothing will be able to get vouchers for clothing from parishes and diocesan social entities. That being said, whoever is interested in re-usable clothing may also buy the clothes at extremely affordable process. During the first week of the campaign, clothes can be deposited at the Parish Church in Iklin, during the times of mass. Alternatively, they can also be deposited at the Kalkara Parish Centre, between 9am and 11:30am. Every week, different parishes will be announced and published on Newsbook.com.mt and 103 Malta’s Heart.

“How many times have we complained that we do not have anything to wear? Well, some of us really have that problem. Do not throw away clothes. Give them to Caritas Parish Diaconia Network and someone will certainly give them a loving home.”

Facilities include a visitor centre, a nature trail, information boards and bird-watching hides. Oh, and entrance is free!

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