6 outdoor spots to help you unwind and breathe fresh air

Spring is just around the corner! Reconnect with nature, and head out to these 6 locations to de-stress, relax and enjoy nothing but fresh air.



Photo: James Bianchi

The warming spring sun welcomes you to enjoy the northern regions of Malta, and what better place for this than the Selmun area? Selmun is a countryside hamlet in the village of Mellieha, most well-known for the baroque 18th century Selmun Palace and offers a perfect combination of a nature walk near the sea and relaxing afternoon picnic in the countryside alongside family and friends.


Chadwick Lakes

The Chadwick Lakes are located on the NorthWest side of the island, between Rabat and Mtarfa. They were formed by Osbert Chadwick, a British engineer who built a series of dams, which allow rainwater to gather in the wet season, thus resulting in artificial freshwater lakes, forming a miniature ecosystem with all kinds of different flora and faun, namely protected tadpoles and frogs.

Families and friends frequent the valley during winter or spring as unfortunately the warm Summer months tend to dry-up the lakes.

Top of the World

Soak up the scenery at this stunning picnic spot with plenty of tables and bins situated at the edge of Gharghur along The Victoria Lines and leading towards Madliena Heights. This beautiful spot offers magnificent views of the open countryside; Birguma Valley and connected agricultural Valleys of Maghtab and Burmarrad. If you have good hiking boots and would like to walk off your lunch, you could follow the Victoria Lines down the nearby valley Wied il-Faham. For a quiet time with panoramic views and tranquillity away from the hubbub of daily life, look no further than this beautiful spot.


Photo: James Bianchi

Originally planted by the Knights of Malta as a hunting ground, Buskett now holds strong ecological, historical and cultural significance. It is the only semi-natural forestland with a total area of 47 hectares and one of the few green zones in Malta.  Initially, the gardens were used as a hunting ground and then were supplemented by Verdala Palace, which became a summer residence of the Grand Master. The gardens are called “the lungs of Malta” since they happen to be one of the few woodlands in this country. Today, the area is one of Malta’s greenest with fruit-bearing trees and unique wildlife, also offering lovely walking treks and picnic spots, making it undoubtedly Malta’s gem of the West.

Kennedy Grove

Photo: Maltatina

Kennedy Grove Park is a popular chill-out spot in Qawra. The gardens surround a simple monument to the former US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), who was assassinated in November 1963.

What could be possibly a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than by flying your kite, riding a bike and enjoying a nice picnic in nature? There are plenty of picnic tables and benches so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect secluded spot just for you!

Ta’ Qali

Photo: Maltatina

Ta Qali National Park was once a part of the Royal Air Force’s land but since then has become a great countryside area perfect for a family picnic. The Ta’ Qali recreation complex offers a recreational spot known as the Picnic Area for all the family. It is situated between the BOV Adventure Park and the Formal Garden area within the Ta’ Qali National Park. This area is surrounded by sheltered trees and offers an open space of approximately 6 hectares for the public to enjoy and relax in the natural countryside shade. In the picnic area one can also find the dog park with a range of equipment from tunnels to hoops in an enclosed space so dogs are able to run free.