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Bringing writers together in a new radio format

Rachelle Deguara, host of Taħt il-Qoxra

The weekly programme called Taħt il-Qoxra, which is presented by Rachelle Deguara, is taking on a brand new, exciting format.

What is Taħt il-Qoxra, exactly?

Taħt il-Qoxra is a radio show, currently in its fourth year. During the entire time that it has been on air, the programme has introduced audiences to dozens of local writers, to whom we asked questions, which shed light on their works and various literary aspects, themes and genres of writing.

All of the programmes that have been made thus far, have provided a wealth of useful information for book lovers, students and even scholars. The programmes can be found on the National Book Council website here.

How has the show changed its format?

As of this Sunday, the host, Rachelle, will be leading discussions with more one guest, stemming from the world of literature and beyond, in an open-ended exchange of bright ideas. Maltese publications remain the point of departure, but the conversations will be touching upon broader questions.

“Given that the object of books and literature are the various aspects of life, writers of all kinds will be sharing their thoughts in discussions, with peers and guests from related social domains and professions,” said the National Book Council. “Our objective with these exchanges is to keep providing a centre stage for Maltese publications and stimulate conversations that address these works and the noteworthy contributions of their writers from a range of different angles and perspectives.”

How can I listen to the programmes?

Good question. The brand new programmes will be broadcast on Radju Malta on Sundays at 7:30pm and they’ll be available in video format on the National Book Council’s Facebook page, on Sunday at 7:30pm, as well as on their website.

New episodes will be uploaded on their YouTube and Soundcloud account, where you can find all their super previous programmes too!


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