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Stranded rescue dog saved in Fomm ir-Riħ

Photo: Janis Callus / Facebook

A lost beagle was rescued by the trusty Civil Protection Department over the weekend, when it was found sheltering under a large rock in Fomm ir-Riħ by some hikers.

One of the hikers, Janis Callus, took to Facebook to explain the situation.

The hiking group stumbled across the beagle and assumed that the dog had been stranded for days. The hikers took care of the beagle’s immediate needs by providing it with some well-needed food and water and then proceeded to call Animal Welfare for assistance. Animal Welfare got through to CPD, as they are the ones who had the equipment needed to rescue the poor dog.

Janis went on to say that: “two firemen with numbers 82 and 223 first made sure that we were in no danger and then came down to rescue this unfortunate dog. I would like to thank these two guys, as it wasn’t an easy task.”

The beagle is currently being treated in hospital.