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Heritage Malta masterclass: Malta’s rich heraldry tradition

Photo: Heritage Malta

Malta and Europe’s rich heraldry tradition will be front and centre in a masterclass, which Heritage Malta will be streaming on Facebook on Tuesday 4 May, at 6:30pm.

The masterclass, which will be delivered in English, will feature Dr Charles A Gauci, the chief herald of arms in Malta, who will be giving an overview of the evolution of heraldry locally, as well as in Europe.

before we move on, what is heraldry?

Heraldry is a rather broad term, but one that essentially refers to the science and art that deal with the use, display and regulation of hereditary symbols. These symbols distinguish individuals, armies and institutions. They originated as identification devices on flags and shields and are also called armorial bearings. Okay, let’s move on.

The masterclass will be delving into the different kinds of coats of arms, which may be personal and hereditary, or impersonal and non-hereditary. Gauci will be explaining how they are the insignia of identification and he will also be dispelling the common misconception that heraldry is the sole prerogative of the nobility.

Despite the abundance of armorial bearings all over the islands, there has never been, until recently that is, a local central authority, which regulates the granting or registration of coat of arms. In March 2019, the office of the chief herald of arms in Malta was established by Heritage Malta, upon the recommendation of the prime minister and the cabinet secretary.

All arms granted or registered by the office are made under the authority of Heritage Malta and are fully recognised by the state.

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